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Tempus Bound is an artistically-driven pixel platformer with physics, puzzles and a speed running mode. In a desolate world, you play as a mysterious bushbaby/owl/fox hybrid with a dark past. Scramble across the world of wind temples & swamplands to reach your ultimate destination.

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Im herebcthisbrolookslikaanhypno


Oh man, why did you delete the game? It looked pretty cool.

Is the demo on steam the same one that used to be here? I find steam annoying at times but I guess I'll use it if I have to.


Hey Franko! The game is still very much underway, the demo on here no longer felt like an accurate representation of where I'm at with it and the quality level. So, yeah check out the new improved, different area, demo on Steam if you can! Thanks!


Cool, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the explanation. :)


I made a brand new record !

The concept of this game is pretty interesting. But there are a few downsides.

First of all, this game is very short, but it's not a big deal. Especially considering that it's a game under development.

Secondly, when you enter your name after beating this game for a bigger amount of time than your record, your best record will be erased ! This needs to be fixed immediately.

Thirdly, why is there someone talking (probably in German or something) for a few moments in the soundtrack ?

Finally, why is it not recommended to be played on Firefox ?

But overall, this game is pretty fun to play.

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Hey Furikan, incredible job getting to the top there! Thanks very much for playing and for your feedback.

As I'm sure you understand, this is a small slice of what the full game will be.

That is something that will be fixed, I appreciate you pointing it out to me.

The soudntrack is temporary for the moment. I plan on having a really cool gameboy music artist compose a bespoke soundtrack for the game, it will be awesome! ;)

For me Firefox didn't seem to save highscores..

Thanks again! :)


Nice game! The highscore got me hooked, personally. I'm gonna get you, Azapaky! >:D

Haha amazing! That's what I like to see, go get 'em everuniverse! :D 

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Got 'em! Well, ranking-wise. :D

Oh wow! That's no mean feat! Welcome to the top of the board Ever! :D

Deleted 1 year ago

All hail the Amazing Azapaky! Impressive stuff ;)


The world record is mine

On my fifth attempt, I managed to reduce my time by 1 second.

Amazing Job Fred! I wonder if any challengers will arise? :D

I hope you have more challenges

I've got loads of challenges planned, hopefully you'll be playing them in the not too distant future :D


Of course, let me know when you update the game.


I will do! Give it a follow and you'll hear about it. Join the mailing list and you can join in for the Beta :)


What you've done with the lighting is fascinating.  Is it different every run?  The look of this really blew me away.

Thanks very much, it still needs some tweaking, but the results are pleasing :D! It's the same every run right now. Thanks, looking forward to taking this one further :D

Some thoughts I have

- I know this is for the GBJam but I hope you'll add a more colorful color scheme

- Jumping is very inconsistent for me

- Should have a reset button so we don't have to complete horrible runs

- Kind of short and there aren't that many obstacles 

- Respawning is so weird 

- Overall, fun game to run but makes me mald a little

Hey, thanks so much for playing and for your feedback.

I do quite like the 4 colour restriction, but maybe you could unlock it.

I will sort out the jumping and a reset button, and more levels and interesting obstacles for future release.

What was wrong with the respawning? 

Thanks again :)



When respawning after you die, sometimes you get placed close by and sometimes you get placed far away. 

ahhh yes fair enough, I’ll rework that too 👍. Thanks for your feedback 

I feel like jumping is unreliable and so hard to get. 24 seconds rn tho


Now I'm at 23 seconds.

OMG this game is extremely fun, the physics feel tight, jumping feels difficult at times (specifically sliding down the first slope where the boxes and rising totems are). I noticed that if the player lets go of the right arrow for a moment it'll allow for cleaner/reliable jumps in the slopes case more often than not. I love the fact bushes slow you down, and makes you wanna steer for the floating platform path for ultimate time save. It felt great jumping getting onto the floating platforms, its how I got 23sec because damn it's tough to cut down on wasted time. I will say the spinners actively worked against the player, I found trying to walk under or on them sent the player back and wasted time, I got use to jumping and bouncing off them to save time. If you run with this idea, I'd love to play more ^_^


Tac0manguy! Thanks so much for playing and WOW, I did not think 23 seconds was possible - you've smashed into the top of the leaderboard there! Thanks once again for your amazing feedback, all noted. I'll see how it does in the jam and maybe use that info...or maybe not! :D. It's a game I want to make happen ^_^

Anytime man, it's looks great with all the color schemes, the music is adorable and has a fun wonky race feel. It took a lot of trial and error to try and speed through but there might be room to go for 22 secs but you have to be perfect on every jump and never stop moving forward. Good luck with all other endeavors mah dewd.


Came back to play this one again, couldn't reach the top of the scoreboard this time ^^"

Ah you've lost your magic touch! You can dooo iiit ^_^


Hey, didn't noticed that you did TamagoCity, the dev of Lorefolc (LowRezJam) is also here and submitted Shadow of the Titans , nice to see you, and nice game btw! ^^ i've already made a review of it on the main page!


Hey Elven! Thanks very much, you did TowerFell, I remember! Nice to see you here too. Good Jammin'! :D That does look cool. Is using a mouse ok for a Gameboy jam though? I would say, probably not.


Well, I think it's a design decision. It may not make it look like a gameboy game, but it makes it more fun. each one has their vision and captures it in the form of a video game. at least that's my opinion. the scores are to distinguish those sections.

Also happy to jam again with you and others. Munro (store galore dev) is also here and the developer of tiny tactics too. Take a look and comment me if you see people from the lowrezjam too ^^